Over half a century of an unwavering
strong resolve and reliable technologies.

Since its founding in 1950, Dai-ichi High Frequency Co., Ltd. (DHF) has consistently contributed to society with its unique technologies and a solid history of creativity and innovation.
For over 60 years since the establishment of the company, the resolve of the founders and technological skills of the engineers have been passed down to their current successors.
That path has not always been a smooth one, but thanks to our stead-fast business philosophy, we have made it possible to apply processes using devices and materials developed in-house. To continually improve the quality of our products and businesses, we continue to come up with inventive ideas, accumulate technologies, and develop new materials. The following are some of the core principles that we at DHF adhere to.



To support the company [Three Business Principles] and [Sprit of DHF] of two wheels

Our “Three Core Business Principles” and the “DHF Spirit” are the two wheels that support and propel the company. There are three core business principles that have been followed since the founding of the company. Respect for Human Dignity, which aims to help improve the lives of employees, their families, local communities, and society at large; The Independence of Management, and the quest for original Technologies. It is precisely because we started as a small venture that we have not become a subsidiary of any other company. Instead, we continue to strive to protect our own proprietary technologies. We are not merely a company that produces and sells technologies. We think creatively about what can be done with them, i.e. the possibilities that these technologies hold. And we strive to create a range of technologies that will benefit society. This resolve of our company's founder, Gen'ichiro Hirayama, has become an integral part of each and every employee as the DHF Spirit. That is why new technologies are consistently being developed and new challenges are always being taken on by our company.



Tenacious, have a strong will. Only this is never lost

Unrefined but with high aspirations. Never compromising on principles.

More than anything else, we at DHF are proudest of our high technological skills. We have the confidence and pride that comes from knowing that we are continually producing new technologies and products that people will find useful and valuable. From our beginning, with just a few engineers starting with not much more than their ideas and visions. DHF developed IH tempering and hardening techniques to create wear-resistant, durable railroad rails. Following this success, DHF developed IH lining―which is still in use around the world today ―as well as high-frequency induction bending products, which were born of our engineers' strong resolve and continuous efforts, driven by the desire to help our clients. In addition to pursuing accuracy in our products, the developers at DHF have put extraordinary effort into ensuring that our technologies minimize the burden on our clients' workers and that our products are developed to be easy to use. By developing products with a focus on how they will be used in the field, we are able to speed up and simplify processes, and as a result achieve shorter work times and lower costs. It is not just our engineers who are involved in technology development; all employees, including our sales staff and onsite workers, work in concert to develop better technologies.



While inheriting history, new challenges to the future

Carrying on our legacy but accepting new challenges for the future, many of the founding members of the company began with the wish to help engineers in the coal-mining industry. As successors to this history, the desire to give back to society remains at the very foundation of DHF today. In addition, we possess the desire to spread our technologies around the world. In terms of our international presence, we have been supplying technologies to companies, in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Six years ago we established a 100% company-owned subsidiary in China. We often feel that our local engineers' mindsets fit well with our “DHF Spirit.” We know that there are many engineers and companies in foreign countries that can benefit from our technology and products. That is why we want to eventually produce and distribute our devices locally.

Until recently our products were principally used for large scale industrial products. We are currently developing new uses for our products that will hopefully directly benefit individuals, for example, by using IH for treating cancer patients.

Furthermore, now that we have left business models that depend on mass consumption in the past, we know that technological developments cannot be achieved without the involvement of the field of life science. IH induction heating, which is our foundational technology, is in itself a very clean technology. What is more, the Bi-met systems developed exclusively by DHF are designed to vastly extend the operating time of boilers, while at the same time allowing for safe operations and lower maintenance costs. We are especially proud of this technology as it contributes to development not only in Japan but all over the world.

Spreading such technologies throughout the world is one of our missions and a challenge that we at DHF will continue to tackle.