Products / Services

The Piping Division provides the manufacture and sales of induction bends, polyethylene lining, fabrication and piping system designs of process plants, utilizing DHF's high-frequency induction heating technologies.

The accumulated high-frequency induction heating technology is used to perform the surface treatment of mechanical parts. For the manufacture of rolls, we employ the integrated production and regeneration process of high-precision rolls with high wear-resistance using the special steel we have developed.

DHF equipment division undertakes to provide its customers with top-quality equipment and services, backed up by decades of experience and ongoing upgrading and modernization.

With the mechanical fixing method for the reinforcing steel bar ends that has improved reinforcement workability and concrete filling as well as the earthquake-resistant design of reinforced concrete structures, integrated steel bar end fixing materials of high quality are formed using DHF's induction heating.

By fusing the thermal sprayed coating of the SF (Self-Fluxing) alloys with DHF's unique and excellent IH technology, it became possible to apply the high performance SF alloy's lining to the big component parts of the devices, such as boiler tubes and its panels.